The Devils Companion Mustache Wax

The Devils Companion
Mustache Wax


Do you want your mustache looking supremely polished? The travel- sized “Devil’s Companion” is the satellite version of the Devil’s Choice. The Devil’s Companion can be used to redefine the body of your mustache and to touch it up during your busy daytime hours. It is specially formulated to sharply define and seal the tips of your mustache using super pure, organic non-greasy grapeseed oil, lanolin and small amounts of Jojoba and Argon oil for strength with a touch of pitch pine resin for tack.. Using this wax alone, or in-tandem with the Devil’s Choice, will have your mustache looking droop- free and you looking drop- dead handsome throughout even the busiest of days.

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    Mustache Wax

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