It is our true passion to develop products that are going to enhance the lives of men with beards. We want to improve their lives by the development of fantastic natural products. Success towards this goal starts with knowledge.
There are many products on the market claiming to aid hair re-growth and give you a fuller beard as well, but they are “snake oil.”
In our quest to develop new and improved products, we thought about adding natural “DHT” blockers, as do many shampoos on pharmacy shelves for the prevention or deterrence of hair loss.
While this seemed like a good idea at first, we discovered that this would be the absolute worst thing to do. This is the first of a series of many upcoming blogs intended not only to educate, but to educate our most valued Boston Beard Works community, as we develop products that are truly beneficial to you.

Why do men go bald?
Male pattern baldness is mainly the result of a genetic event that causes the male hormone dihydro-testosterone (DHT). The production of this hormone causes hair on the top of the head to become shorter and thinner, until the individual hairs are practically invisible and in time are completely gone.

DHT Diagram for Male Pattern Baldness

Why is it that more often than not someone who may be follically challenged on the top of their head, can grow a beard that would make even a Wizard envious?
Facial hair and scalp hair are very different types of hair. Though there are a number of reasons that men can go bald, the most common is testosterone. The cause of male pattern baldness is the same thing that is responsible for beard growth. In this sense the more testosterone you have the balder you can be.

Does this mean that men who go bald have fuller beards?
Well here is the answer and it’s sort of a beard bewilderment – a riddle if you will. The culprit “testosterone,” which causes an illustrious full beard for some men, is in fact also the cause of hair loss someone may suffer on the top of their head – but only if that person carries the gene that causes the production of DHT from testosterone.
So it’s possible that there are bald men out there who have low levels of testosterone, because these people are producing greater amounts of DHT.
So just because a person is bald does not mean they necessarily have more beard growth than someone who doesn’t carry this “bald” gene. In other words – someone without this gene can still have high levels of testosterone, resulting in both a full set of locks on top and below.

“The cause of male pattern baldness is the same thing that is responsible for beard growth.”