A Mystery Solved

There is a new movie in el Teatro, and this is good for the cause because the protagonist Hercule Poirot, aka “Probably the Greatest Detective in the World,” touts one of the most amazing mustaches to hit the big screen in recent decades. Fictional story. Yes, Astounding mustache? Clearly. Fictional mustache? No. At first, the intricate swarth of hair seems epic, seemingly too grand for someone to grow in reality, but upon scrupulous examination, one can see that it is highly possible to build one. This article will explain its components and unravel the truth behind this mysterious mustache.


The Imperial

The name of this facial hair style comes from the emperor of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II. It is facial hair that is grown from the upper lip and further extends to a portion of the cheeks. Although it has the appearance of a “mustache,” it is considered to be a partial beard. Also, according to competition standards, the Imperial is defined as follows: “Hair to be grown only on cheeks and upper lip, the ends must point upward and not be curled over-aids allowed.” Kaiser Wilhelm II used to comb the cheek portions of his very own “Imperial” upward, but it is just as possible to take the cheek portion and comb it straight or even curl it, even if the diversion breaks pedigree. Though the Kaiser’s may be the most famous, many forms of the Imperial can and have been executed, including that of our protagonist, Hercule Poirot.


The Handlebar

The Handlebar is aptly named for resembling the handlebars of a bicycle and is perhaps the most classic and popular of styles from far in the past to the present day. The Handlebar has cycled through history from the Iron Age Celts to a multiplex of characters through time: Howard Taft, Buffalo Bill, Wyatt Earp, and, of course, Rollie Fingers to name a few drops in the bucket. The Handlebar is considered a straight-up mustache because it is only grown on the upper lip, and any part after that is either waxed, curled, or something in between. It can be super-long, medium, or petite, but these all have one thing in common. It looks like handlebars and only grows from the upper lip.



The Mystery solved


What is the “Mustache” from Murder on the Orient Express? Well, the mystery is solved. It is a handlebar grown on or within a partial Imperial beard. It is a combination of the two. It is neither a beard nor a mustache, and to achieve this style, you would have to be as meticulous as the detective Hercule Poirot himself because it would not be an easy task to accomplish, but it, indeed, is possible if viewed as the two separate components discussed above.
If not for the “mustache/partial beard” alone, the movie gets the Boston Beard Works’ two ‘staches up. Pardon, A ‘stache and a partial beard up.

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