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Our purpose is simple. We want you to look in the mirror and be proud as hell. Don’t follow the rules; there aren’t any. Your beard is a gift, and together with your style, you are as individual as the color of your eyes, no two are the same. It is up to you to find this, and it is our most gratifying mission to provide you with the best tools, knowledge and natural products for handsomeness in the world. We are merely your conduit. We are here, but the rest is up to you. Find out who you are, because that is one sharp and handsome devil.

Our Philosophy

Man has prevailed for millennia. From caves to castles to modern commutes, one aspect has remained constant. It has been there since the dawn of time. It has been with you as you built kingdoms, led armies, fought battles, procured freedoms, and danced away with the most beautiful women in the world to celebrate your victories.

It is your beard.

As a man, you’ve always been the one to face the enemy, to lead the search party, to keep the people you love safe, fed and free. In time, you formed an alliance with wild horses and wolves, tamed herds of giant beasts, and led them to new grazing grounds, through sand-swept deserts and the pollen-infested fields of the high plains. Through it all, your mustache acted as a filter, allowing only the cleanest of breaths to fill your lungs.

A protein-complex etched deeply in your genetic code, a testosterone-activated physical extension of your soul, and an undisputed symbol of man—your beard is more important than you might realize. It has made you a survivor despite the slimmest of odds. When you endured voyages across high mountain passes, with ice-age-cold winds whipping against your face, your beard prevented frostbite. When you tracked ancient predators for weeks in scorching sunlight, returning to your village with your prey strapped to your back, your beard shielded your skin from the blazing, sweltering rays of the sun.

You’ve earned your beard. It’s accompanied you into battle, fighting alongside you and protecting you. It has taken care of you. Now it’s your turn to take care of it. You’re more than your job, your drink of choice, or the vehicle you drive. Your beard is a potent symbol of your identity and serves as a reminder of who you truly are.

Boston Beard Works understands and shares this passion. Since 2009, we’ve added that fervor to every ounce of our handcrafted, natural products. Our products are developed using well-researched science in tandem with time-tested ingredients. We’ve taken materials our ancestors used – from the Pharaohs of Egypt to the Kings of Persia—and combined them with modern components and techniques to craft a set of formulas that surpasses all others. Never before in history have we been able to source ingredients from locations worldwide. We’ve worked diligently to bring these elements together from places as far away as India and as close to home as Appalachia. We provide you with the best tools and products available so you can sculpt your beard into the magnificent talisman you know it can be.

Our connection with both history and science is evident in Beards, Science, & Society, our company blog, that holds a wealth of knowledge for you and your facial hair. Whether it’s being the first to know about our latest products or the discovery that your beard will actually help you slow the aging process, we work to keep you up to date on the most important advancements and studies.

But your beard isn’t about age, fads, or changing culture and neither are we. It’s about you—it’s your paradigm of masculinity, raw stamina, and staying power. We cater to all men, no matter what age or style, because your face should be as epic as you are. Your beard is a damn badge of honor! Treat it as it deserves to be treated.

“A protein-complex etched deeply in your genetic code, a testosterone-activated physical extension of your soul, and an undisputed symbol of man—your beard is more important than you might realize.”



As someone who wears a set of handlebars every day, I highly suggest Devil's Choice mustache wax! I have gone through countless waxes to try and find the right fit. The main problem I kept having was harmful ingredients. I wanted something without alcohol and harsh artificial fragrances. I love this wax because it is natural and super strong! My facial hair is very unruly, and this can keep it in place. As I said, I wear a handlebar mustache every day, and I just ordered my second jar, after seven months. I use the wax liberally, so I would say that it has excellent longevity! I also recently tried the mustache wax sticks. It is perfect for quick touch ups during hot, humid days. Since it is the same size as chapstick, it naturally warms in your pocket. Great design! Thank you Boston Beard Works for helping me keep it classy!


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