The Stache of the Samurai

A Lesson in Fear and the Facial Hair of the Samurai Warrior The Samurai were the legendary knights of medieval Japan, an elite, fierce, and highly skilled warrior class that held […]

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The Fountain of Youth may be Under Your Nose

‘The anti-aging properties of growing a beard and mustache.’ Dating back as far as the 5th-century, many great men had searched for the “fountain of youth,” a mythical spring that […]

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Do Beards Grow faster in the Summer?

It would seem natural that our beards would grow thicker during the winter months to keep us warm. This is true for many of our mammalian counterparts—for example, the heavy […]

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Bald or Not, People Have Beards

It is our true passion to develop products that are going to enhance the lives of men with beards. We want to improve their lives by the development of fantastic […]

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Introducing the Next Generation of Mustache Wax

The Next Generation of Mustache Wax is here! Stache Sticks™ are available for sale as of TODAY! StacheSticks™ are an all new stick based mustache wax for the beardsman on […]

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