Dovo Oxy Mustache Scissors

Dovo Oxy Moustache Scissors


Built to last the ‘Dovo’ Oxy mustache scissors are the best made scissors on planet earth. They are from Solingen Germany aka “The City of Blades” notorious for making precision quality blades, knives, razors and of course scissors for centuries. These amazing scissors are specially designed with micro serrated blades for cutting the coarse textured hair of the beard and mustache. Another unique design feature of these scissors is the flat tip. This flat tip prevents any chance of stabbing yourself in the lips while laser targeting those one or two pesky whiskers. At 4.5” they are the perfect size, will get the job done for you with more ease and precision than any other scissors available. If you are serious about your mustache or beard don’t leave these out of your kit.

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