Stache Sticks Megapack
Stache Sticks Megapack

Stache Sticks
Mustache Wax
Various Scents


Stache Sticks are one of Boston Beard Works™ next generation mustache wax products. For the beardsman on the go, we have created a variety of scents that will delight your senses from dawn till dusk. For the men who don't like a scent we have also covered that base with our non-scented stick. The wax is medium hold and extremely portable, easily fitting in your pocket so you may top up your stache at any point of the day it's required. For a full description of each of our many scents click here or scroll down.

Pricing Guide
Single Sticks: $5.95
3 Sticks (Same Scent): $12.95
9 Sticks (All Scents + Unscented): $39.95

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  • Product Description

    Appalachian Pine

    The Stache Sticks™ Pine scent is an all year round scent that will make you want to roll up your sleeves, buy a good dog and start building a cabin somewhere deep in the Appalachians. Sourced from one or several species of ‘Pinus’ through steam distillation of needles this essential oil has a wonderful woody aroma that is refreshing and invigorating. It has many health benefits as well, including being a powerful cure for headaches, it has been shown to improve self-confidence and improve energy. Pine essential oil is also an effective anti-fungal and antimicrobial agent meaning it is great to keep your mustache clean and smelling great all day long. Stache Stick’s Pine scent will give you the clarity and cabin-builder worthy mindset to proceed throughout you day-with vigor.

    Arabian Sandalwood

    The Stache Sticks™ Sandalwood Scent is the most powerful of all the scents and the one the ladies will love most. The oil is derived from the roots of the sandalwood tree that must be 40-80 years old before harvested. It has a woodsy sweet smell that has amazing benefits that are physical, mental, spiritual and sexual. Physically, it is an astringent with anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Mentally, it will boost your cognitive functions and memory and bring you to a relaxed state. Spiritually, this amazing root oil has been used in religious ceremonies in India, and has been an important ingredient in eastern Medicine. Sexually, Sandalwood is a proven aphrodisiac; especially for men it can increase libido and energy. Whether dispensed in smoke throughout an Indian Temple or mixed carefully in a serum by an ancient Chinese man sporting a Fu Manchu, or in a mustache wax carefully made in the city of Boston, The Stache Stick’s Sandalwood scent is an amazing scent with amazing properties for every facet of your life.

    Barbershop Cherry

    The Stache Sticks™ Barbershop Cherry will make you feel like you are sitting in an old-time barbershop. Long before the modern beard oils with their complex designer scents came on the scene, things were simpler and ‘Cherry’ was always a favorite in men’s grooming products. Although there are no anti-microbial, anti-viral agents to boast of in the Stache Sticks™ Barbershop Cherry, it is a timeless classic in the men’s grooming world. It is a happy, simple scent that smells delicious and just makes you smile.

    Chinese Lemon Grass

    The Stache Sticks™ Lemon Grass scent is your hot-weather scent. Lemon Grass essential oil comes from Southeast Asia and is distilled from the leaves and stalks of the Lemon Grass plant. Any Beardsman knows the special challenges in maintaining a mustache or beard in the summer. Upper-lip perspiration often requires repeated washing and product reapplication in order to keep the mustache or beard clean and smelling great. Lemon Grass avoids this extra work because it is an all-in one natural antiseptic, deodorant, fungicide and bactericide. This means your mustache or beard will remain itch free and kissable throughout the day. Since it is also an amazing natural insecticide, Lemon Grass will also deter those pesky summer mosquitoes and other annoying insects from swarming around your face. Even more, Lemon Grass is also known to have mental benefits, tending to uplift spirits and fight depression. So when the sun comes out, The Stache Sticks™ Lemon Grass essential oil offers a sophisticated and relaxing scent that will keep your mustache or beard smelling great and will keep you feeling clean, calm, serene and insect-free during those hot sweaty months.

    French Lavender

    The Stache Sticks™ Lavender scent is the perfect late spring and summer scent. Derived through steam distillation from the Lavender plant. The word Lavender is derived from the Latin word Lavar, which means “to wash”, since it has a particularly clean aroma. It is a natural remedy for hair loss and in some studies has proven to increase hair growth significantly. Lavender is also natural insecticide, especially effective in killing lice or other hair loving pests. The Stache Sticks™ Lavender scent will leave you feeling calm and your mustache smelling clean and growing strong.

    Italian Blood Orange

    The Stache Sticks™ Blood Orange is a fresh, intensely invigorating scent derived from the”blood orange.” This amazing natural scent will make you feel as if you had just closed on a successful business deal and moved to the Italian countryside, where you now spend your days dreamily twisting your mustache and leisurely strolling through the orange groves of your Villa. Blood Orange has many qualities–it reduces fatigue, depression and lethargy, and is naturally anti-septic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. The Stache Sticks™ Blood Orange is the perfect scent if you want to feel energized. You literally feel like you are breathing in new life, leaving all your worries behind.

    Lily of the Valley

    The Stache Sticks™ Lily of the Valley scent is your spring time scent. A Beautiful Flower found In Europe and North America and North Asia it has many medicinal values. The scent is intoxicating and its floral aroma that will curl your mustache and bring you to your knees no matter how manly you are. With fair warning the Stache Sticks™ Lily of the Valley scent will have strong effects on your mood. Alleviating stress, anxiety, restlessness and depression. You may find yourself double-checking to make sure this Stache Stick is not sticking out of your pocket when meeting your friend Rusty for beer and arm wrestling, but have no fear; he’s probably hiding one in his pocket as well.

    Winter Green
    The Stache Sticks™ Winter Green is the ultimate winter time scent. But beware! If Mrs. Clause catches one whiff of this intoxicating scent in your Stache she will surely dump her husband and begin stalking you through a frosty window …of course though… If that’s your thing then feel free to double apply… Therapeutically and specifically pertaining to your face, wintergreen has been known to prevent dandruff and tone the hair roots, which helps prevent hair fall. Wintergreen is a house favorite and it will leave you feeling relaxed, cheerful and red in the cheeks. Ho Ho Hoe!!



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    Stache Sticks

    Unscented (Single), Appalachian Pine – (Single), Arabian Sandalwood – (Single), Barbershop Cherry – (Single), Chinese Lemongrass – (Single), French Lavender – (Single), Italian Blood Orange – (Single), Lily of the Valley (single), Winter Green (single), Unscented (3 Pack), Appalachian Pine – (3 Pack), Arabian Sandalwood – (3 Pack), Barbershop Cherry – (3 Pack), Chinese Lemongrass – (3 Pack), French Lavender – (3 Pack), Italian Blood Orange – (3 Pack), Lily of the Valley (3 Pack), Winter Green (3 Pack), Stache Sticks Megapack (9 Pack), Movember Spice Limited Edition (3 Pack), Movember Spice Limited Edition (Single)

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