Roman Era Beard and Mustache Comb & Celtic Beard Ring 5th Century


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    Rome, for Centuries was invaded and occupied by some the most notable and unique .pre-European warrior tribes a.k.a Barbarians. Because of constant invasions, and an untenable will to fight for their freedom, the Roman Empire fell to their knees by these armed outsiders.

    Beards and Mustaches were a huge part of their identity in which they took great pride. This beautifully kept piece came to us from an antique dealer in York, England. Although this unbelievable pair was sold to us as Celtic, it could have belonged to a variety of warrior tribes, including, but not limited to Visigoths, Ostrogoths

    Lombards or other Germanic tribes, all of whom had long mustaches and decorated beards. Beneath the glass, lies a mystery that will make you wonder exactly to whom it belonged. Without a doubt this is a truly magnificent piece of beard and for that matter human history.

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