Our vintage items will be here very soon, please check back for updates – February 10th 2018.

Hello! I cannot wait to get my new jar of Devil's Choice! I am now scraping the bottom from my first jar I bought a few months ago. I absolutely love your product! It is the first natural wax I have found without harmful ingredients that holds strong! My mustache hair can get rather unruly so I thank you immensely! I only wish there was a way to make the wax a darker color, as my facial hair is black, but it still blends well! Also, I was hoping to add to my initial order. Could you please adjust my invoice to add a sandalwood stache stick please? I somehow missed that when I was ordering the devil's choice. Thank you so much! Any time I get comments on my mustache, I tell everyone what I am using, because I am very proud of the products myself. I hope to get a chance to try the sandalwood stache stick too. Thank you so much for everything! Peace!
Don J
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